Prezzo – With a Tastecard!

My first Tastecard review is on the restaurant that I perhaps use the discount on most which is Prezzo. They have branches all over the UK but the branches I have been to are St Martin’s Lane, Brentwood, Lincoln and the most frequent is Euston.

You may say what is the point of reviewing a chain restaurant? Well then I’ll ask you kindly to see this as more of a shout out rather than a review because in my opinion, it deserves more publicity and attention.

It is just an all-round good restaurant for dates, friends, families and business meetings. The food is good, the decor is different in each branch but it still makes you comfortable to sit in there.

Truffle Oil Infused Fries.

Truffle Oil Infused Fries.

So a little bit about each branch I’ve been to; St Martin’s Lane – it’s location is very central yet it is fairly quiet and ideal for a first date. The Brentwood branch is on the high street and great for friends and parties as they have loads of room at the back of the restaurant ideal for private functions. The Lincoln branch overlooks the Lincoln harbour and is very spacious. The Euston branch is by far the busiest branch I’ve been to and if you go after 7 pm you will most likely have to wait for a table (as they don’t take bookings). It is fairly cosy and by that I mean cramp and there isn’t much of a bar area BUT you do experience that London buzz.

So below is a list of a few favourites that I would like to recommend:

Calamari – With pesto and mayonnaise dip – £5.95

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